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    Unable to Add Google Account in Android Mobile

    i have a trouble to add a google account to my android Mobile.By fault the account was deleted and drm licence was cancelled .How can i reconnect my account
    please help me

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    Re: Unable to Add Google Account in Android Mobile

    If you are using a version of android that is higher than 4.0.4 then you will be able to remove the Google account in the Accounts&Sync option inside "Settings" if that is not the option then you have to format the phone completely then only you can add the account again. In order to format the phone you have to open the application drawer and then select the option as "Settings" there you will find an option as "Privacy" inside that option you will see another option as to format the phone which should be done so that you can remove the account and add the account again properly.Also please note that formatting the phone removes all the user data inside the phone and it does not affect you SD card so please take a backup and then proceed.
    Hope this Helps.

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