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    wifi network problems on the samsung galaxy apollo

    Heres my situation.
    We have recently switched to sky internet and on the first day of the router being installed my internet worked fine from the second day onwards my samsung galaxy apollo keeps saying there is a problem with the network i first left it and it still said that after leaving it for an hour so i decided to turn the wifi off then back and it worked fine for 5 minutes then it did it again it seem i have to keep turning my wifi off then back on to solve the problem but it only lasts for 5 minutes.
    It only affects my samsung galaxy apollo all the other laptops,computers and mobile devices work perfectly fine.
    I have restored factory settings but that didn't help either and i can't reset the router because sky told us to leave it running for 10 days so then the router finds the speed to which it is comfortable running at.
    What could my problem be and is there any solutions???

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    Re: wifi network problems on the samsung galaxy apollo

    If your all other device is working properly with your installed router that means
    there is no problem with your Router. May your android phone have some setting
    problem. I am giving you the setting steps so just try to match your setting. It may
    solve your problem:-

    1. First of all from the Android Home screen, tap Menu then tap Settings.
    2. Then tap Wireless and network and then tap Wi-Fi settings.
    3. and then On your WiFi
    4. Under the list of Wi-Fi networks, tap uchicago-secure.
    5. You will then be prompted for some login/credential information.
    6. Set all things as i am giving in below Photo

    7. Put Identity: <your CNetID> 8.Put Anonymous Identity: leave it blank
    9. Tap Next (On the keyboard portion of your screen)
    10.Then put Wireless Password: <your CNet password>
    11. After doing all this wait about 10-15 seconds while your Android acquires an IP address,
    after which you will then be connected.
    I thing after doing all this your problem is fixed.

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    Re: wifi network problems on the samsung galaxy apollo

    1) Make sure the Wifi capacity of your Android Device is Good you can check the stuff as follows.
    2) Connect Wifi using some other Router and check the situation.
    3) If other routers are working fine then you have problem with the Sky provided router and simply the android device is not compatible.
    4) If all the routers are not working and you getting the same problem then you have to check with the Device hardware.

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    Re: wifi network problems on the samsung galaxy apollo


    Sometimes the wifi does not work properly.
    Actually there may be any error in the net
    -work settings. But dont it is possible to
    correct these kinda problems.

    There is an app that android provides named
    FXR wifi rescue. You can download this app
    easily and it is totally free.

    This app will fixes the malfunctioned wifi
    and rescue the phone as well. FXR is the
    best wifi healer in the market. Try it.

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    Re: wifi network problems on the samsung galaxy apollo

    The issue of Wifi can occur due to several reasons

    First of all reboot your device and check whether the problem is solved or not.And if te problem is still there , you can install the antivirus "NetQin" on your device and remove th virus if any.If this deosn't work you can go for Factory Reset (Menu >> Settings >> Phone >> Factory Reset).Now if still it doesn't respond, you can visit the Nearest Authorized service center ti get the issue fix

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