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    Wifi in Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is not getting turned on

    I am using the Samsung Galaxy note 2 mobile which runs on android platform. Problem with my mobile is that the wifi on my mobile is not getting turned on. I'll notice my battery has drained, and then I see the wifi has not been still on, just the icon is highlighted. So please tell a solution.

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    Re: Wifi in Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is not getting turned on

    hey friend...

    The problem of non connection of your phone with wifi is due to the fact that there are no network connection settings in your phone or it got changed...
    If your wifi router is not working properly then also your wifi will not turn on ..
    First check for the connection settings and configure them with your wifi router ..
    Also sometimes it needs a passkey to connect with wifi router so just enter the passkey and then access...
    Do check for the network connection settings that wifi has been selected there ...
    Also try to connect with wifi router manually where there is need of a username and the passkey to connect with the router...
    Try also checking for your wifi router .. Sometimes it happens that you have to reset it and then configure the settings again to use it ...
    Try to connect another phone with the router as to check whether there is problem in the router or in your phone itself...
    Try this and i am sure you will be able to connect but if not then you have to take your phone to the service centre and get it checked..

    hope i helped

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