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    Wifi tethering problem in Samsung Galaxy ACE Duos

    Hi, i have been using Samsung Galaxy ACE duos for the past few months. I tried to use my Laptop as a Wifi Hotspot. I tried to use Wifi Tethering features of my phone. But, it could able to connect to my Laptop Internet connection. Can somebody help to solve this issue?

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    Re: Wifi tethering problem in Samsung Galaxy ACE Duos

    hello friend,
    if your wifi hotspot couldn't connect then there are possibilty of

    1.if your hotspot is password protected then may be possible that password you enter is wrong or you enter password with capslock.
    so make sure that capslock is off while typing password.

    2.it is possible that your laptop is using static ip addres,so please reset it to automatically.

    3.sometimes laptops doesnt identify address of internet connection.in this case delete all save networks.
    restart your laptop and try to connect it again.
    thats it.
    after this when you connect ,it will work for you.

    Note::::::change static ip address into automatic ip address

    thank you

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    Re: Wifi tethering problem in Samsung Galaxy ACE Duos

    Hello friend,
    There may be some software or virus regarding issue to must have to reset your phone and then try again.

    Remember, by performing a reset, all your data- settings, messages, apps, etc would be deleted.
    So backup up anything important.

    Follow these steps:
    - Go to 'Settings'.
    - Privacy.
    - 'Factory Data Reset'.
    - Fill in your id and password and confirm.
    - You can choose whether to delete SD card data or not.

    After the process is complete, your device would return to its out-of-the-box state or to its factory settings.


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